3 Ways to Create Recurring Tasks in monday.com

Justin hunter

In today's fast-paced work environment, efficient task management is crucial for success. While monday.com offers a robust platform, users often find themselves grappling with the challenge of handling recurring tasks. Let's explore three ways to create recurring tasks in monday.

monday.com is one of the most powerful and widely used project management tools on the market. The company has close to 200,000 customers and has been listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange since 2021. I first became aware of monday years ago when I was working on another project. I had been using Asana and wanted an alternative. While I never switched to monday, I took the time back then to understand the product and its offerings.

Since then, monday has only gotten better and added functionality. I spent a little bit of time working at ClickUp, another project management tool and a competitor to monday, and was able to dive deeper into monday as part of the competitive analysis process. What I found was that monday was, in fact, powerful, but it also had areas for opportunity. One of those opportunities was in recurring tasks.

Often, individuals and teams have tasks that will repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or with some other defined cadence. Manually creating those tasks can be tedious, but with monday there historically hasn't been much choice. Today, though, we're going to look at three ways to create recurring tasks in monday.com.

Manual Task Creation

Let's say you have a project that has a check-in every week. The task must be completed by the project leader, and the task acts as a reminder to either execute or schedule or document the check-in. One way to create these tasks would be to create the first one, set the due date, and then manually copy the task and adjust the due date.

Imagine doing this every week...forever. And what if you have multiple tasks that require repeating? There's got to be a better way.

monday's Automations

While Moday doesn't have built-in recurring tasks, they do have automations. It is possible to leverage automations to create a version of recurring tasks.

monday has an article outlining the steps you'll need to take to create an automation that gets you close to recurring tasks. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Creating New Groups: It suggests setting up a recurring automation to generate new groups regularly, such as at the beginning of each month. This ensures seamless organization without manual intervention.

  2. Creating New Items: Similar to creating groups, this section explains how to automate the creation of individual tasks or items, like daily meetings, at specified intervals, ensuring timely updates on the task board.

  3. Team Notifications: It discusses automations to notify teams about important tasks or reminders at regular intervals, preventing oversights and ensuring tasks are completed promptly.

  4. Group Duplication: Lastly, it demonstrates how to duplicate entire groups automatically, useful for processes like product releases, saving time and maintaining consistency in workflow management.

That's a lot. But it's a little better than manual task creation. Still, there has to be a better way. And there is.

Use Recur

Recur is a simple and intiutive monday app designed specifically for recurring tasks. Instead of manually creating tasks or setting up hacky automations, you can create recurrences of tasks with a few clicks of the mouse.

Recur gives you full control and flexibility. If you'd like all of your recurrences to be added to the board immediately, you can specify a start and an end date. However, not everyone likes see all of these future tasks that soon. So, Recur gives you the option to schedule recurrences. For example, let's say you have that project check-in task. You know every week it has a due date of Wednesday. You'd like to see a new recurrence of it created every Wednesday as well. You can schedule this easily with Recur, and the new task will not populate each week until the recurring date you have selected.

Recur takes the hassle out of recurring tasks. Install the app, choose a task that should repeat, set your configuration, and you're done!

You can try Recur for free here.


While monday.com stands as a powerhouse in the world of project management tools, its handling of recurring tasks has left many searching for more efficient solutions. Manual task creation remains an option, but the tediousness of this method can quickly become overwhelming, especially for those managing multiple recurring tasks.

Automations within monday offers a step in the right direction, providing users with the ability to automate certain aspects of task creation and management. However, these automations often require significant setup and lack the simplicity that many users crave.

Recur, a purpose-built monday app designed to streamline the process of recurring task creation, removes this complexity and hassle. With Recur, users can effortlessly schedule task recurrences with just a few clicks, gaining full control and flexibility over their workflow. Whether it's setting up tasks to appear immediately or scheduling them for future dates, Recur simplifies the process, eliminating the hassle associated with manual task creation and complex automations.

By harnessing the power of Recur, users can reclaim valuable time and focus their efforts on what truly matters—driving projects forward and achieving success.