How To Use Recur To Solve Your Recurring Tasks Needs

Justin hunter

It's easy to get started with the app Recur. This guide walks you through installation, configuration, and usage. Enjoy!

Recur provides recurring task functionality within that feels native. Let's dive into how to use Recur to create recurring tasks for your boards.

Step One

From the board with items you'd like to make recurring, open an item. Click the Add view button in the top-right.

Step Two

Next, make sure to choose "Marketplace Apps" on the left side. Then search for "Recur".

Step Three

Once you've found Recur, click the install button and it will be added as a view to all items on your board. Now, choose an item on your board you want to apply recurring tasks to, then select Recur from the views listed.

Step Five

Decide if you want to create all your recurring tasks at once or if you'd like them to appear on your board on a schedule. In both cases, you'll be able to choose how often the task repeats, and when the recurring tasks should end (or how many tasks to create in total).

If you choose the schedule option, you'll be presented with additional choices. Simply choose how soon before the recurring task's due date you'd like to see it appear on your board. For example, for a task that repeats monthly on the second day of the month, you might want that task to appear on your board 5 days before the due date. You'd set that up like so:

Bulk Task Creation

Bulk task creation is limited to 100 tasks at a time. Once you've created 100 tasks in bulk, if you need more, you can take the same creation steps you took for the previous 100 tasks with the next.

For example, if you created 100 recurring tasks in bulk with the final task's due date as 12/20/2024, you can go to that final task and bulk create another 100 from there.

Note: Scheduled task creation does not have this limit.


That's it! That's all there is to using Recur. If you're ready to get started, install the app today. Bulk task creation costs $39.99 for lifetime access, and scheduled task creation costs $9.99 per month for unlimited users and unlimited task scheduling.